Rapid Marin

Rapid Marin AB is a Swedish company that develops practical products that make it easier for consumers. Our main product is the patented boat cover frame, EasyTec, for motor boats and sailboats. Because of its low price and ease of use, EasyTec has quickly become one of the best-selling boat cover frames in Sweden.

The EasyTec boat cover frame

The lightweight EasyTec boat cover frame can be fitted quickly and is priced significantly lower than traditional boat cover frames. It is supplied in two large bags, where everything needed for a complete set-up is included. It is available in five different sizes, fits all motor boats and sailboats from 4-9 m.

Täckställningen levereras i två praktiska bagar

EasyTec is supplied in two convenient bags

Snabb montering av täckställningen inför vinterförvaringen

EasyTec is quick to assemble

Enkel båttäckning för motor och segelbåtar

EasyTec fits all motor boats and sailboats from 4-9 m

Assembly video for EasyTec